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She's an extraordinary girl in an ordinary world

27 May 1988
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"It is an odd thing, but everyone who disappears is said to be seen at San Francisco. It must be a delightful city, and possess all the attractions of the next world."
~Oscar Wilde

My Livejournal is "Friends Only." If I know you, feel free to comment or add me.

"To die for love. What could be more glorious?" - Pride and Prejudice

"If you can't find Ashley, she's probably dancing, reading, writing, playing, or causing some sort of mischeif." - Alex

I'm a huge romantic with a soft spot for dancers, actors, and musicians.

I'll try anything at least once.

I love...
Romance, dancing, faires (Dickens and Ren), lots and lots of books, reading and performing in plays, improv, all types of music (with the exception of country and rap), movies, friends, parties, art, piano (15+ years), etc.

I'm one of those crazy kids from Fezziwigs.

Below are what other people have said about me from Tribe:

"What could be lurking behind those wide mischievous eyes? Ashley is an unsettlingly stunning and smart young woman. She is also a big geek. She must be... I mean, have you seen those Dickens Fair people she hangs out with? She’s Geek Chic baby!"

"We've had some rocky times, but your father and I are so proud of the woman you're becoming. You're the light of our lives and we both love you so very much."

"Ashley is so smart and pretty that it's illegal to transport her across state lines without a permit."

"Ashley is full of passion, talent, and maturity. One of the most beuatiful women I've ever met with a wild streak. I'm so glad to be considered her friend."

"It's an unfortunate evening at Gaskells that ends without me having danced with Black Rose. Rarely is beauty, class, grace, a sense of humor and style so well combined into such an incredible young lady."

"So sweet, and such a lovely dance partner. Sigh..."

"A sweet girl and a lovely dancer. Gorgeous, luminous eyes you can just fall into. Be careful on approaching, you may never get your heart back!"

"Miss Dorothia – You’re too young, which makes you evil, and that’s all I have to say."

"What can I say except...that she is a complete sweetheart! You should consider yourself very lucky to know her."

"My favorite waltz partner, and the sweetest heartbreaker you could ever hope for."

"I have never met her personally - but must say she is by far one of the cutest girls I've never met!"